Best betting sites in Canada 2024

Canada is a gambling hotspot with lots of online casinos and sportsbooks to choose from. With so many options available, finding the betting sites that offer the best experience can be pretty challenging. But don't worry, we've got your back.There is no need to spend hours searching through countless options. We've done all the work for you. In our review, we've carefully evaluated and compared the top sportsbooks in Canada based on critical factors. Keep reading to discover the best online sportsbooks and get an overview of Canada's exhilarating sports betting scene!

Best betting apps in Canada 

With so many sportsbooks in Canada, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. But fear not, I’ve got you covered! Here are the top betting apps in Canada that you don’t want to miss out on: 

  • Tony bet
  • Bet 365 
  • BetVictor 
  • LeoVegas 
  • Unibet 
  • BetMGM 
  • DraftKings 
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • FanDuel 
  • Sports Interaction 

The list is in no particular order. It just outlines some of the best betting sites on the Canadian betting scene at the moment!

Is betting legal in Canada? 

Absolutely! Sports betting has been legal in Canada for many decades now. But it’s critical to note that each province has its own set of rules and regulations. While Canada as a whole approves of the pastime, each province has to decide if they are on board or not.  Some provinces, like Ontario, have embraced online sports betting and launched reliable commercial sportsbooks. Provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan are also becoming more flexible in their approach. All provinces approve retail sports betting, but a few are still indecisive regarding online betting. 

Betting rules and regulations 

Canada’s sports betting scene is highly regulated. The rules and regulations guarantee a seamless betting experience. However, betting is regulated at the provincial level in Canada. For instance, the age requirement for betting ranges between 18 and 19 across Canada; some provinces say 18 is the right age, while others agree on 19. Also, only Ontario has legalized single-game wagering.  Giving general rules and regulations is difficult since each province has different takes. While differences occur regarding the legalization of online gambling and age restrictions, Canada generally doesn’t see gambling wins as taxable income. Also, all provinces typically frown at gambling on sites with offshore licenses. Nonetheless, checking with your province to know which rules apply is best! 

History of Betting in Canada 

Canada has come a long way regarding sports betting. While sports betting became legal in 1985, the pastime’s history goes back to 1892. Here, we dive into the rich history of betting in Canada: 

1892: Gambling was an unregulated activity until 1892, when the federal government banned all forms of gambling. The exceptions were horse wagering pools and little gambling at carnivals. 

1969: The federal government lessened their ban on permitting small-stake gambling for churches and charities. 

1985: The federal government gave the provinces authority to run the forms of gambling they like. At the time, money-line gambling was the only form of sports betting available. 

1992: The rise of Proline, the parley betting product created as an alternative to illegal betting sites. 

2015-2016: Bills were drafted to legalize single-event sports betting, but they were all voted down. 

2021: The bill to legalize single-event sports betting was finally passed. It offered provinces authority to regulate the industry as they liked. 

2022: Ontario is the only province to let commercial sportsbooks compete with provincially owned lotteries in the marketplace. 

Tips to note when choosing a betting site

  • Ensure it matches your betting preferences: When researching for a suitable sportsbook, it is vital to consider your preferences. What sports are you going for? Which type of betting do you prefer? Mobile or desktop version? Answering these questions creates a filter that makes it easier to choose a sportsbook.
  • Evaluate the bonus and promotions: One key aspect of every online sportsbook is its bonus offerings. Look out for the best ones with the friendliest terms and conditions.
  • What are the payment options? The payment options of an online sportsbook are vital for a seamless betting experience. When choosing a bookmaker, look out for the payment option! Watch out for betting sites with Interac and PayPal.
  • License and Regulated: Only online sportsbooks with regulated licenses should be considered. 

How does rate betting sites

At CasinoJungle, we take pride in our long history with the online gambling industry. Our reviews and ratings are meticulously crafted to guarantee our readers the best sports betting experience. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered when making an informed decision. Here are the factors we consider when trying to find the perfect sportsbook for you: 

  • Bonus and promotions
  • Payment methods and payout speeds 
  • Security and Licensing 
  • Overall experience (placing bets, odds, and withdrawals)

CasinoJungle is entirely committed to the cause of exquisite betting experience. And no doubt, we have to consider these crucial factors to ensure we do just that!

Different Rules in Different Provinces 

Sports betting is regulated on a provincial level. Each province has the authority to decide how sports betting plays out on its premises. Here is a run-through of the different rules in different provinces: 

  • Legal Gambling Age: The minimum gambling age varies with provinces. The legal age is either 18-19. For instance, Alberta and Manitoba have the age requirement of 18, while Ontario and Quebec have the minimum age of 19.
  • Online Gambling: The availability of online gambling services differs. Some provinces like Ontario approve of it, while others strictly adhere to retail sports betting.
  • Single-event wagering: This form of betting is still largely illegal in Canada, save for Ontario. Other provinces still have it banned.
  • Type of Betting: There is a diverse collection of betting options. The options available vary with each province.
  • Taxation: In most provinces, betting wins are not considered taxable incomes. However, keep in contact with your tax professional.
  • Responsible Gambling Programs: All territories have responsible gambling programs to help residents. The programs include self-exclusion, support services, and helplines.
  • Offshore Gambling: All provinces frown at betting at offshore gambling sites. However, the enforcement of this law has proven abortive, as many Canadians still bet on them. 

Pros and Cons of Betting in Canada 

Betting in Canada has its good and bad sides. In this section, we explore the pros and cons of betting in Canada: 


  • Legal and regulated 
  • In-play betting
  • Several betting options 
  • Mobile betting 
  • Reputable operators 
  • Responsible Gambling 


  • Provincial regulation 
  • Limited single-game sports betting 
  • Exchange fees 
  • Foreign conversion fees 

How do I start? 

Opting for sports betting is a breeze! It is not rocket science, and in a few minutes, you are hacking away, betting on all your favourite sports events. Here is how to get started: 

  • Choose any of our recommended sportsbooks: When you decide to be a punter, you can’t go wrong with our options. Picking an excellent choice is pivotal for a swell betting experience in Canada. 
  • Register your account: Once you have decided on the sportsbook, you have to register. Type out the name of the sportsbook on an internet search. After you find the site, you will find a “Register” prompt or something similar. Click on it and fill in the necessary details. 
  • Deposit and Play: After successfully registering, you want to start placing bets. For most sportsbooks, you will need to make a deposit. Once that’s on lock, select the events that interest you of the many events listed and make your wager. It is that simple! 

Different Types of Betting 

Sports betting comes in different flavours, and betting only gets better when you know them. Here are the different types of betting that are available in Canada:

  • Money-line Betting: This is the simplest form of betting that wagers on the possible winner of an event. 
  • Over/under betting: involves wagering on the combined score of both teams. You can wager if the scores will be over or under a particular number set by the sportsbook. 
  • Parlay Betting: Combining several bets into one single wager. All bets within the wager must be correct to win a parlay bet. 
  • Futures Betting: This form of betting is a long-term bet on an event far into the future. For instance, predicting the winner of a championship before it starts. 
  • Prop Betting: This involves betting on specific aspects of the game/event that don’t necessarily affect the outcome. 
  • In-play Betting: Allows you to bet on an ongoing game or match. Odds typically change in real-time as the match progresses. 
  • Exchange Betting: Here, you bet against other bettors/puntors. You either lay (bet against) or back (bet for) outcomes. 

Importance of Responsible Gambling 

With the rise of mobile betting, gambling addiction has become a growing concern. It’s crucial to prioritize the well-being of punters and promote responsible gambling. Chasing losses and trying to make a career out of betting can lead to negative consequences.

Fortunately, helpful resources are available to support those affected by compulsive gaming. Features like deposit limits and self-exclusion are useful, and external help such as counselling or support groups can also provide valuable assistance. Remember to practice responsible betting while trying to have fun!