Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul Fight: Casinojungle.ca Winner Predictions

The much-anticipated fight between YouTube star Jake Paul and former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is slated for July 20, 2024, at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
This unique clash pits the 27-year-old social media phenom against the 57-year-old boxing legend, making it a generational duel that has sparked considerable interest across the sports world
In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the background information surrounding the fight, the physical condition of the fighters, and the odds of winning.

Background Information about the Fight

The Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul fight was originally scheduled to take place on August 29, 2024, but was later postponed due to medical issues with Tyson. The fight was rescheduled for November 28, 2024, and will now take place at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

Mike Tyson, who is 58 years old, is a former undisputed heavyweight champion and one of the most feared boxers of all time. He has been retired from professional boxing for over a decade but has recently made a comeback in an effort to regain his former glory.

Jake Paul, on the other hand, is a 22-year-old social media personality who has never fought professionally before. He has gained a large following on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube and has been training for the past year to prepare for this fight.

What Both Fighters Have Said About the Match 

  • Mike Tyson: “I’m very much looking forward to stepping into the ring with Jake Paul at the AT&T Stadium”. Tyson also added: “He’s grown significantly as a boxer over the years, so it will be a lot of fun to see what the will and ambition of a ‘kid’ can do with the experience and aptitude of a GOAT”
  • Jake Paul: “It’s crazy to think that in my second pro fight, I went viral for knocking out Nate Robinson on Mike Tyson’s undercard. Now, less than four years later, I’m stepping up to face Tyson myself…”

Mike Tyson’s Physical Condition at his Age

Approaching 60, Mike Tyson’s return to the professional boxing scene against Jake Paul not only highlights his undiminished spirit but also his rigorous preparation. Having made a remarkable comeback in an exhibition match in 2020 after a 15-year break, Tyson demonstrated that age hasn’t significantly eroded his legendary power and agility. 

His intensive training regimen, widely shared in the media, underscores a disciplined approach encompassing strength training, cardiovascular work, and boxing drills. This meticulous preparation goes beyond physical readiness, emphasizing Tyson’s mental fortitude and strategic acumen as he gears up for this unprecedented match. 

Tyson’s comeback is a testament to his enduring influence in boxing, illustrating his commitment to maintain peak condition and compete with determination, regardless of the age gap with his opponent.

Jake Paul’s Background

Jake Paul’s transition from a YouTube sensation to a professional boxer has been both controversial and closely watched. With a record of 9-1 and six KOs, his boxing career has seen significant victories, culminating in a TKO against Ryan Bourland in March 2024. 

Paul’s decision to move up to heavyweight represents a bold new challenge, highlighting his ambition to compete at higher levels. Previously competing as a cruiserweight, this shift underscores his willingness to take on bigger opponents and test his skills further. 

Paul’s journey in the boxing world is marked by a blend of entertainment and athleticism, drawing both fans and critics to his matches. This fight against Mike Tyson, a legend in the sport, presents an unparalleled opportunity for Paul to solidify his boxing credentials and perhaps silence some of his detractors.

Critique Surrounding the Fight

The Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul fight has not only captured widespread attention but also sparked a range of criticisms, primarily focusing on the significant age difference between the two competitors and the perceived mismatch in their boxing experience. 

Canelo Alvarez, one of boxing’s current superstars, has voiced his disapproval, arguing that the fight does not serve the sport well. Alvarez’s critique underscores a concern shared by many in the boxing community about the potential impact of such matchups on boxing’s integrity and reputation.

On the other end of the spectrum, Tyson Fury, the heavyweight champion known for his keen insights into the sport, has thrown his support behind the event. Fury praises the fight as beneficial for boxing, highlighting Mike Tyson’s iconic status and Jake Paul’s capacity to bring unparalleled attention to the ring.

How to Watch the Fight 

On TV 

Netflix has the exclusive rights to broadcast the fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson. 

In the Arena

Ticket prices for the upcoming Most Valuable Promotions – Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson boxing match begin at $400.00 at AT&T Stadium. For those looking to be closer to the action, ringside seats offer an unparalleled view and command higher prices. The highest-priced tickets for the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight can reach as high as $26,337. 

Winner’s Odds

According to various industry sources, Mike Tyson is considered the clear favorite to win the fight due to his extensive experience and impressive background. However, Jake Paul’s youth, agility, and determination could pose a challenge for Tyson.

That said, currently the odds at various Canadian bookmaker sites shows Jake Paul as the clear favorite to win. This reflects what experts think about possible age related difficulties in regards to Mike Tyson. 


While it is challenging to predict the outcome of a boxing match, especially considering the age difference between the two fighters, some experts suggest that Tyson’s experience and skillset will give him an edge in the ring. However, Paul’s youth and determination could lead to a surprising upset.

Although Tyson’s age and the long layoff from professional competition may affect his performance, his experience, power, and speed are still formidable. Hence, our predictions are that Mike Tyson will stand as the winner at the end of this fight. 


The Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul fight promises to be an exciting event, regardless of the outcome. Both fighters have demonstrated their dedication and passion for the sport, making this an intriguing matchup. Fans should stay tuned for more information on the location, ticket sales, and broadcasting details as the event draws closer.